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Here’s our list of 5 worldwide famous brands that have made a difference in our world and some little known and curious facts about them. Shall we begin


brand change world bekantan news bekantan creative world branding

We don’t know why, but it seems that basically everything that it’s founder Elon Musk does were changing the world. This is a company that takes the quest for next-level technology and sustainability to another level. Not only is Tesla perhaps the most impeccable electric car manufacturer in the world, but they’re also pushing the boundaries of what vehicles can do, by literally sending them into space. Yes Space! can you believe it?!


Uber must be in our list, why? In towns and cities around the world, taxi cabs have long been a staple of public transport. When you want to get somewhere fast, but you can’t rely on a bus, train, or even your own car – then you needed to shell out the extra cash for a cab. Taxi control the commercial public transport.. up until… well.. until Uber decided to make their name as one of the world’s most change-the-world kind of brands by making travel more affordable. With only your smartphone, with just the push of a button, you can now have a car sent to you and generally, pay a lot less for your trip than you would with a normal cab.

brand change world bekantan news bekantan creative world branding

Uber has appealed to the rise of the gig economy, allowing people to choose whether to become a driver or a passenger based on their individual needs. If you’re just looking for a ride, then you can get something cheaper, easier, and more modern. If you need some extra cash, then you can use your own car to make an additional income. It’s changing the world’s view of transportation.


Netflix is another example of the brand that changed the world. They started off as a pretty boring business idea, mailing out DVDs to customers who wanted a blockbuster-like experience without going to Blockbuster. Okay that seems pretty much a bit ordinary.. But here’s the fun part begin.. The company begin to targeted people looking for easy entertainment, who might not want to watch the latest chart-topping films. However, after they saw some initial success in the marketplace, the founders behind Netflix made the decision to turn their very own business model upside down. They moved away from the tried-and-tested formula of mailing and decided to “stream” their media instead.

brand change world bekantan news bekantan creative world branding

The decision to give customers access to stream-able movies and television on their own computers (and later television screens), meant that Netflix could officially push Blockbuster out of business. Now, many people consider their Netflix account to be an everyday essential. How crazy was that?!


When Apple first come in the technology market, it wasn’t an industry innovator or a disruptive brand – it was just another overpriced computer company. But in 2001, Apple released the very first iPod – something that made it easier for people around the world to carry their music with them wherever they went, whenever they want!

brand change world bekantan news bekantan creative world branding

The success of the iPod led to new innovations for Apple in the form of one of the world’s first mobile touch-screen devices, and mass-production of the all-important smartphone. If it wasn’t for Apple, there’s little chance that you’d be scrolling through this article on your phone in the same way. Now take a look at your phone, and thanks to Apple for that..

This company will always be the one that changed the way we use technology and ensured we always have our own personal computer within our pockets. Not to mention they always have the best design on each of their products compare to others.


brand change world bekantan news bekantan creative world branding

You might not realized that McDonald’s as the brand that changed the world today, but without the golden arches & Ronald “The Clown” McDonald, you might not have fast food today the way you know it. The McDonald brand started small, with two brothers making fast, but delicious burgers in San Bernardino California. The brothers were bought out by a man called Ray Krok for $2.7 million.

Today, McDonald’s is the most well-known brand in the world. There are golden arches in 119 different countries, and countless other burger and fast-food restaurants have popped up in their shadow, attempting to cash in on the concept of fast-food. Your chicken nuggets might not seem like an industry innovator, but they changed the world we live in by their innovative fast-food system and fastfood chain system.

Now there you know. How those brands changing and shaping our world.


Contributor: Benaya Stephen

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