bekantan knows bold branding design branding 101 brand

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bekantan knows bold branding design branding 101 brand

BOLD is one of the technique of making a design. To create an emphasis, to create a stands, to be seen, and many more.. Bold in creative design is an important aspect.  According to Adobe, 38 percent of people will abandon a website if the content and layout are unappealing.

Bold design doesn’t just mean coming up with a unique idea. On the contrary, the best designers dig deep to uncover a brand’s true personality. Once you know what your brand stands for, you can determine what types of designs – and messaging – that will connect with customers. And you can develop bold creative design ideas that will stands out to the crowd.

The words ‘bold’ and ‘powerful’ can mean a lot different things in relation to design—they’re subjective, for sure. But generally speaking logos in this category are based on an uncomplicated and well-balanced concept and use well-articulated, unembellished fonts. However you approach them, bold and powerful logos aim to captivate your audience with simplicity and familiarity. here is the guidelines of how to make a bold design that is strong and powerful


Presenting a very simple, tidy, uncomplicated design to your audience conveys a message of professionalism and demonstrates that you are a well-organized, well-thought-out brand, instantly making your audience feel confident about doing business with you. A logo design that is simple and easily recognized makes a powerful statement because consumers will remember your brand’s message. Some examples of informative, uncomplicated logos include the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Facebook and CNN. Think simplistic fonts, square shapes, bold contrasting colors like black, red or blue and avoid any embellishments or cursive fonts.

bekantan knows bold branding design branding 101 brand


Make a statement with your branding by using a daring, unconventional logo design. Breaking norms with your logo design proves that you’re a confident and courageous brand that is not afraid to take risks.

bekantan knows bold branding design branding 101 brand

This type of design can be very powerful with the right type of audience. Think of logos like MTV, Kat Von D and The Rolling Stones who have all pushed the limits of design by offering a more rebellious and brazen outlook. Think of bold colors and abstract shapes as well as eye-catching and thought-provoking concepts.


bekantan knows bold branding design branding 101 brand

Psychologically, the most powerful shape is the triangle. This shape is often used by powerful, dominating organizations in modern day society. The triangle is physically the most stable shape and blue is subconsciously the most trustworthy color. Using design traits like this will make your audience feel that they’ve made the right choice by choosing your company. Examples of alpha-like logos that offer a superior, elite and powerful presence include companies like Mercedes Benz, Delta Airlines and BMW.


bekantan knows bold branding design branding 101 brand

Bold and powerful designs traditionally contain an overwhelming amount of masculine design traits like sharp angles, prominent fonts and darker colors. A powerful presence is enticing but you don’t have to be aggressive with your branding.Try combining elements of feminine design like minimalistic embellishments, softer colors and curved fonts with what we know to be masculine design traits. This will ultimately soften your logo design, yet retains a bold message and has a powerful pull on your audience by offering a more low-key, approachable, personable feeling. Some well known examples include Coca Cola, Dove and AirBnb.

Now that is a BOLD Move if you’d like to try and stands out in your design!


Contributor: Benaya Stephen

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