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BEKANTANNews Top 3 Indonesian Film during this decade


The movie set in the 1970s, on Belitung Island of Indonesia. The film follow the student of Muhammadiyah School on the village. The school needs 10 students but is one short until near the end of the day, when a straggler fills out the ranks for their teachers, Muslimah and Harfan. Muslimah dubs the children “The Rainbow Troops” (sometimes translated as “The Rainbow Warriors”) and the movie traces their development and relationships with the teachers.

What We Like?

It Depicts the reality of the ordinary life within the village region of Indonesia, of how life is hard as it gets, but on the contrary, the social relationship and harmony of the people within that region surpasses the more developed region like Jakarta. It depict the true honest nature of Indonesian culture and people under the best cinematic experience by an Indonesian Cinematographer.


The plot follows a now-poor and hapless family haunted by the death of their mother who dies after being bedridden for three years from a strange and debilitating illness. After dying from a strange illness that she suffered for 3 years, a mother returns home to pick up her children. Not as the mother she used to be, but as a haunting spirit.

What we like?

talking about Indonesia, we couldn’t exclude it’s mysticism. It is a whole another horror, not too funky, not too splashy.. but straight up spooky where the nation has too much supernatural urban legends and tell-tale. Oh! and not to mention that the main actress who played the spirit totally nailed it in a scary ways by combining her performances with old rusty “keroncong” music. What else could you expect for the total jumpscare?!


In the film, an elite squad is tasked to infiltrate a high-rise building, run by a ruthless drug lord and located in the slums of Jakarta. It is a total non-stop action and one of the film that helps introducing Indonesian own martial arts Pencak Silat to the world. This film is one of Indonesian film that has been recognized worldwide.

What we like?

Its an action movie, packed with 100% action, full of high-pacing adrenaline scene, great fighting cut-to-cut, genuine actor who has background in martial arts, and most important, it is a different take of martial arts.. a Pencak Silat..


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