#BEKANTAN TALES Commercial Can Be Scary!

A scary or controversial advert can do wonders for a company’s campaign, if they’re able to time it right and turn into a viral hit. But sometimes, ads are beyond creepy without even meaning to be.

While perhaps not the wisest way to build brand loyalty, some companies have gone for the creeps to get a consumer’s attention, and it’s certainly a useful way for a PSA to make a lasting impression. And while those scary commercials are intentionally creepy, others frighten the hell out of us without meaning to via unsettling mascots and disturbing toys.

We’ve collected a few occasions where marketing types decided to mess up our childhoods and scare us for life, when all they meant to do was advertise their day to day products. Here are the 5 Scariest TV Commercial ever according to Bekantan Creative:

  1. Sylvania Light Bulb Commercial (Thailand)

We surely didn’t know what’s going through the writers head when they decide to put all of thai’s folklore ghost within one ads. But if you’re able to stand the frightening scene, you might catch their message, it is about how the product (light bulb) were so bright that even ghost seems not scary anymore.

2. Lynx: Chocolate Man

This advert is meant to be funny, but it’s just wrong. A cheery dude made out of chocolate appears happy to get eaten to death by a load of random women. It’s not funny, more of a horror movie plot! It’s just wrong how the character ripping his own nose off, a stranger stealing his arm, and offering to let a lady bite off his fingers, all while manically smiling, that creeps the crap out of us!

3. Japanese Autoway Tire Commercial (Japan)

This Japanese commercial warns you from the get-go that it is not for the faint of heart. The commercial looks like a piece of found footage, taken from the perspective of passengers in a car driving down a snowy road at night. Through the windshield, we see a woman in a white dress in the distance. Suddenly, she’s on the windshield and the car backs away as fast as it can while the passengers all scream and yelp.The ad is selling Autoway tires, and the idea is that if you put those babies on your car, you’ll be able to get away from demon ghost girls super fast!

4. Kinder Surprise: Kinder Surprise is Not So Kind

A Kinder Surprise is merely a chocolate egg that contains a toy surprise. One would think a no-brainer candy-toy combo would be hard to spooky, advertising-wise, but the good folks at Ferrero chocolates found a way. This 1980s ad features a Humpty Dumpty character who speaks in some kind of nonsense language before tumbling backwards off his wall. The egg’s uncanny valley face combined with the voiceover leaves one to fear what the Kinder’s “surprise” might actually hold. The best part is when the egg wiggles a tiny finger at the viewer, not unlike Danny’s “redrum” finger in The Shining, and unleashes more gibberish. 

5. Kleenex: Baby Ogre Kleenex Advertising (Japan)

First released in the 1980s, this is a highly disturbing and downright weird advert from Japan. It features a woman in white robes next to a small child dressed either like a carrot or a demon sitting on straw. We then hear a creepy a cappella version of Jane and Barton’s ‘It’s a Fine Day’. If that wasn’t scary enough, it then led to various urban legends about everyone involved in the ad that leads on the ads being called the cursed kleenex ads. Rumours circulated that several actors and crew died in unexpected deaths months after it first aired, and that actress Keiko Matsuzaka had been institutionalised or became pregnant with a demon child. Don’t worry, she’s alive and well.


Contributor: Benaya Stephen

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