5 Great Artistic Escapes in Jakarta #TGIF

Hectic and busy weekday will require a wonderful weekend. One of the idea for people in Jakarta is to find the most artistic side of Jakarta to escape the daily life and get a sense of tranquility and recovery. So here is Bekantan Creative’s top 5 great artistic escape in Jakarta

1. Baywalk Mall at GreenBay Pluit, North Jakarta

5 great artistic escape in jakarta tgif bekantan creative indonesia

It is truly a beautiful seaside escape in a hectic city. Located at Muara Karang, Pluit, the end of the bay of Jakarta, BAYWALK MALL is a hidden gem of this crowded and hectic city. A beautiful escape to those who lives in this overcrowded metropolis city. Offering a new concept of mall, this beautiful seaside mall has quickly become famous amongst the people of Jakarta and even for expatriate in this city.Located next to Jakarta’s Waterfront, Baywalk Mall at Green Bay Pluit is a new iconic seaview shopping destination with more than 200 of both leading Indonesian and International brands. Developed and operated under the trusted developer, Agung Podomoro Land, Tbk, Baywalk Mall offers a lot of attractive leisure experience with it’s beautifully designed Outdoor Waterfront, 3 Ha Botanical Garden, and diverse choices of restaurant and cafe by the sea.The Outdoor Waterfront is the specialty of Baywalk Mall, with it’s dancing fountain, music, and lighting, also lines of cozy bench for the visitor to enjoy the seaview, this mall offers a relaxing and refreshing experience in this beautiful bay area of Jakarta.Baywalk has strives to become the newest family destination for shopping, dining, lifestyle, and entertainment in North Jakarta.

2. Ancol Beach City, North Jakarta

5 great artistic escape in jakarta tgif bekantan creative indonesia

Located just 12 Km from the city, Ancol beach is closest to Jakarta. One area with the entertainment area of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (Which Dufan includes) It is also the only beach that you can reach without a boat. Ancol beach is a popular spot for a weekend getaway. Ancol Beach City is a grand shopping and leisure complex in Jakarta that consists of malls, restaurants, auditoriums and adventure zones. They host various water sports, including jetski, Ancol cruise, and boating, at Ancol Beach. This is a great place to spend some fun time with your family for a wholesome experience.

3. Jakarta Cathedral, Central Jakarta

5 great artistic escape in jakarta tgif bekantan creative indonesia

Though the Cathedral stands nowhere close to the Istiqlal Mosque in terms of size, it is still one of the finest places to visit in Jakarta city. It was built in 1901 and it serves as the seat of the Roman Catholic establishment since the beginning. The front side of the church has some amazing Roman decorations and stunning white spires. The interiors give a glimpse of European cathedrals and offer a very different view of the religion in the country. The Catholic roots of the country get a fresh breath of air in this cathedral. All in all, the awesome architecture and peaceful aura of this church are sure to calm your souls.

4. Thousand Islands, Kepulauan Seribu Districts of Jakarta

5 great artistic escape in jakarta tgif bekantan creative indonesia

Looking for a break from Jakarta’s fast life- Then a thousand Islands are best suited for you. Located on the north coast of the city these islands will give you an opportunity to feel closer to nature. Though one of the underrated places in Jakarta, here you will come across a number of amazing resorts, restaurants and secluded golden beaches with a breathtaking view. These islands will give you a chance to dip in the Indonesian sunshine and relax for a while and should definitely make it to your list of places to see in Jakarta in one day. Its among the best places in Indonesia for nature lovers, backpackers, and photography enthusiasts.

5. Kota Tua Batavia, North Jakarta

5 great artistic escape in jakarta tgif bekantan creative indonesia

Kota Tua also goes by the name Old Town Batavia and is one of the most historically significant parts of Jakarta. As you walk around the area you will find pretty architecture that dates from the Dutch colonial period and you can also visit the cobbled central town square which is the signature feature of the area. This is seen as the cultural heart of the city and many artists and photographers gravitate here to take in the relaxed atmosphere and old world feel, and the area is also studded with cafes so you can have a drink and enjoy the surroundings. It also has a high concentration of museums so you can learn some history here at the same time.


Contributor: Benaya Stephen

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